6 Ways You Can Protect the Environment With Your Dog
6 Ways You Can Protect the Environment With Your Dog

6 Ways You Can Protect the Environment With Your Dog

Our earth is 4.5 billion years old, while we humans have been around for only 200,000 years. Yet, we are already close to destroying our only home planet.

Unfortunately, we failed to realize that protecting our environment and ensuring future generations have a place to call home should have been our number one priority. However, while some may say it is already too late for our planet, there is still a chance we can save it. For example, recycling the old container for your dog’s CBD oil be a great start.

Of course, there are other ways as well, including the ones listed below.

How to Protect the Environment With Your Dog

Conserve Electricity

For our electric companies to generate electricity, they will need to burn off fossil fuels. As many of us now know, burning fossil fuels is considered harmful to the environment.

While it is tough to live in a world without electricity, conserving a little bit can significantly impact the efforts to save the environment. After all, the less electricity we use, the less need there is for our electric companies to produce it.

Instead of leaving the air conditioner for your pet all day, you may want to consider getting a fan or two to circulate the air.

Conserve Water

Our water usually comes from natural water sources such as rivers or estuaries. So, the more we acquire water from these water sources, the worse it will be for our environment’s health.

Aside from this, the more wastewater we have, the more energy and cost our water treatment facilities will have to expend

It is important to clean your pet’s drinking bowl daily and refill it with fresh water. However, dogs love rainwater! Find a way to catch rainwater whenever you can and see if your dg likes it.

Walk or Bike Instead of Drive

If the place you are going to is nearby, it would be best to avoid using your car for such a trip and walk or take your bicycle there instead.

After all, the fewer times we use our automobiles, the better it is for our environment. In fact, carpooling can be an excellent solution as well if you need to go to a distant location and someone you know will also be going there.

Teach your dog to run beside you when your ride your bike. They will not only love running, it has also health benefits for you and your dog.

Use Fewer Chemicals

Chemicals are generally considered a bad thing because most of them or the items made from them are considered harmful for your health and the environment.

While the chemicals we use right now may not have any adverse effects, they might have in the future. So, if you want to protect the environment and your health, it might be better to avoid items with harsh chemicals.

There is no need to wash your dog weekly. In fact, it can dry their skin. Try to not wash your dog for a couple of months. You will see, that the fur starts smelling better as the skin will produce less oil.

Choose Reusable Items Instead of Single-Use Ones

With our world population close to 8 billion, you can only imagine just how many people are using single-use items, such as disposable cups, plastic containers, and others.

Moreover, you can just imagine how many tons of waste are produced because of single-use items. So, while it may be inconvenient to use reusable items, this can be a great start if you want to save the environment.


Upcycling refers to getting creative with items that we no longer use and making them into something of value or use. In fact, there are plenty of guides online on how you can do just that.

For example, you have some tires that are no longer good for the road; you can upcycle them and make them into a flower pot or maybe a chair. Alternatively, you can even turn some plastic bottles into bird feeders.


It may be tough at first to adopt more sustainable practices to help protect our environment. Still, even the tiniest steps can positively impact our efforts to save our planet, and every step towards sustainability counts. After all, we only have one planet, so we need to take good care of it.

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