Dinosaur Provincial Park

When most people think of natural beauty, their first thoughts will be of the Grand Canyon, New England in autumn, turquoise water of the Caribbean, or California Redwoods. However, there is a place in Alberta, Canada that offers just as much beauty, if not more. It’s called the Dinosaur Provincial Park. There is a good chance you have never heard of this location. This is simply because there is not much advertising for the Dinosaur Provincial Park. Those who find out about it and have an opportunity to visit almost always end up thrilled.

The Dinosaur Provincial Park is located in the Badlands area of Alberta. The park was established in 1955. Despite the duration of its existence, magnificent scenery, and abundance of ancient fossils, it still doesn’t get crowded. This makes a visit to the Dinosaur Provincial Park much more enjoyable than to other popular attractions in North America.

There are a few reasons the Dinosaur Provincial Park is special. o­ne is the amazing geological formations. Anyone who visits will marvel at their surroundings. It’s possible to see these formations by foot or bus. If you travel by foot, be sure to bring a lot of water. Also, avoid walking the trails after a heavy rain. A marginal amount of rain will make the trails more difficult to navigate. The other option is a two-hour bus tour. If you would like to be educated while seeing the sites, this is the option for you.

Another reason the Dinosaur Provincial Park is special is because 40 species of dinosaurs have been discovered there. In addition to that, it currently has its own ecosystem. There are over 150 species of birds, 7 species of bats, and plenty of other interesting creatures. By day, you might spot a prairie rattlesnake. At dusk, you might hear the howling of coyotes.

The Dinosaur Provincial Park is highly recommended for anyone traveling to the Alberta area.