Historic Quebec City

Parlament in Quebec City
Visitors step back in time when entering the city established by French explorer Samuel de Champlain. Historic Quebec City boasts over 400 years of culture and tradition, apparent in the famous locations, fine architecture, museums and re-enactment performers who entertain daily.

Le Petit Champlain is located in Lower Town and is the oldest shopping district in Quebec. The narrow streets are lined with old buildings adorned with flower boxes and house boutiques, cafes, cathedrals, gift shops and restaurants. Guests can explore the city’s fortification walls dating back to the 17th century. The St. Lawrence River provides the scenic backdrop as individuals explore the walls, ditches and gates that o­nce protected the growing town.

The Maison Chevalier is a 250-year-old building that invites guests to escape to days gone by. Within the structure is the “Workshop of Living Heritage”, where artists and crafts people continue hand making traditional crafts and celebrate with music and dance.

The Old Port provided the city with timber and shipbuilding trades in yesteryear, but currently remains a bustle of activity. Stately ships, craft galleries, museums and re-enactments attract visitors to the area. Ferries offer cruises along the scenic coast and a farmer’s market displays fresh produce and handmade food products.

A walk up the stairway or by the funicular takes guests to Upper Town. The majestic Chateau Frontenac Hotel and Dufferin Terrace overlook the St. Lawrence River. Artists, horse drawn carriages and street entertainers provide a welcoming ambiance to this picturesque historic location.

Various locations treat visitors to the beauty of the surrounding area. The Montmorency Falls Park contains the water feature that is taller than the Niagara Falls. Guests venture to the top by walking trails or gondola ride. The Canyon Ste-Anne contains spectacular scenery as visitors cross suspension bridges to view the falls and mountains that form the canyon walls.