Mount Royal

A beautiful, rolling mountain, Mount Royal sits high over the city of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada. It is lush with timber and rises out of the forest as an elegant and naturally pristine backdrop for the town below. Its three peaks--Colline de la Croix, Colline d'Outremont, and Westmount--rise to a maximum height of seven hundred and sixty-four feet, making it ideal for hiking or camping, a perfect destination for someone who wants to combine the pleasure of nature with the athletic adventure of climbing.

There are many things to see when visiting Mount Royal, many things that can be found nowhere else. o­n the northeastern edge of the mountain's peak stands the Mount Royal Cross, a tall iron cross that is illuminated at night and shines down o­n those beneath it. The cross was first put in place by the city's founder, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, after he prayed to the Virgin Mary to stop a flood that was ravaging the city in 1643. It is now a monument to the vibrant life of the city and a destination that should be included o­n any trip to Mount Royal.

Another destination, to go along with the Cross, is the Mount Royal Park, a large green space with a breathtaking view of downtown Montreal below. The park has many things to do and see, including a man-made lake, a downhill skiing slope, cross-country skiing trails, and the old Mount Royal Funicular Railway, which is a piece of history in itself. The park is at its very best, many will say, in the autumn. It is then that the forests turn orange and yellow with the changing leaves, a tapestry of life and a testimony to the beauty of nature that cannot be recreated nor surpassed by anything Man puts in place.