Old Montreal

Old Montreal is a warm community that is a wonderful place to enjoy with loved o­nes. The streets are lined with gorgeous Victorian-Era lampposts and vibrant flowers. For summer vacationers, the city will be found thriving with exuberant life. Sidewalk cafes bustle with energy throughout the day and the night. The joyous nature of the locals is contagious and will make any day into a good o­ne. Visitors can get a fantastic view of o­ne of Old Montreal's most beloved attractions, The Old Port, from the sloping cityscape that rolls down from the Nelson Monument.

The first place that most travelers will probably want to visit is the Place Jacques Cartier, which is a great place to socialize with the friendly Canadian people and also enjoy some of the fine local entertainment. The Place Jacques Cartier is built o­n the same piece of land where the Chateau de Vaudreuil, a previous local landmark, o­nce stood. Constructed all the way back in the year 1804, Place Jacques Cartier was originally an open air marketplace. This is a great place because it is where all the street performers, artists, traveling showmen, mimes, jugglers, face painters, caricaturists, and other free spirits come to entertain the townsfolk. For lovers of horticulture, Place de la Dauversiere is a breathtaking public garden across from city hall that will definitely delight. The main street in town is St. Paul Street.

Montreal Old Port
Old structures like Place Jacques Cartier and the Nelson Column, which was built in 1809, stand in harmony with buildings constructed later in the nineteenth century, early in the twentieth century, and even much newer buildings to create a whole that is much greater than merely the sum of its parts. Old Montreal is a place that truly possesses its own feel and atmosphere. Filled with warmth and love of life, Old Montreal is the perfect location for a romantic getaway.