Prairie Sky

Saskatchewan - Canada's Provincial Natural Beauty
The still, silent beauty of Saskatchewan's prairie catches the eye of tourists looking for the ultimate in nature. Saskatchewan's glitz is found in Regina and Saskatoon while Yorkton, the whimsically named Moose Jaw, Prince Albert or Northford fit into a vacation perfectly.

The Welcome Of The Prairie Sky
The farther west tourists travel in Canada, the more they become ensconced in that signature dome of Canadian sky. Perennially blue and filled with lovely fluffy clouds, Saskatchewan tourists won't miss this feature and feel the welcome of sunny days as they explore Saskatchewan's prairie. The same azure daytime sky becomes a riot of colors by dusk that will haunt your memories.

In this spacious province, you feel the gracious freedom of open prairie, enjoy lush green forests primeval and the pristine blue of the Saskatchewan River. Camp in bullrushes in the Eagle Valley, fish, swim and hike. Saskatchewan is like no other place in the world. It's an adventure in the truest tradition of Canada.

Regina o­n Lake Wascana
Picture the perfect provincial town o­n a sparkling blue lake complete with white-as-snow pelicans gliding serenely along Lake Wascana. This describes Regina perfectly. In the heart of downtown Regina is Union Station, the entertainment hub of the city. Tourists find the cuisine as diverse as the friendly people of Saskatchewan. There are a wealth of restaurants where you enjoy French, Italian, Vietnamese and the First Nation's full compliment of menus. Enjoy casual dining or go formal as you please.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's Capital
If you began your Saskatchewan adventure o­n the open prairie, when you arrive in Saskatoon, you'll think you'd found the most modern urban city. Saskatoon is as much a business environment as a delightful place to enjoy the casino, parks, museums and the arts.