Sandbanks Beach Resort
The soft whisper of a cool breeze through the pines and the hypnotic rhythm of waves lapping the shore are o­nly the beginning of your relaxing time spent in the Sandbanks of o­ntario. This beautiful beach location with its tropical look and glistening white sand will transport you to another side of the Canadian wilderness. Enjoy a sunset o­n lake or a hammock o­n the shore; there are so many ways to spend your time around the beaches of Sandbanks.

Fishing and enjoying the sand dunes while camping at Sandbanks might be what brought you to the area, but there are so many other activities to enjoy while you're here! Salmon Point and Huyck's Point along with West Point are perfect places to indulge in some bird watching. Over three hundreds species of migratory birds begin their journey here. Several observatories are located in the area and in the spring you can enjoy the Birding Festival.

If birdwatching is not your style, adventurous bicyclers and walkers will love to tour the historic and eclectic hamlets surrounding Sandbanks. Filled with gracious inns and galleries, the towns of Bloomfield and Wellington both have beach and boardwalk access. If you're in the mood for some refreshment, check out the cute sidewalk cafes in Picton and then walk through studios filled with local art, antique malls and shops and restaurants featuring seaside treasures and delicious local cuisine. With a nautical history and the Mariner's Park Museum, the Sandbanks will delight you with its ship making and sailing history.

When you're ready to relax there are several lovely bed and breakfast or guesthouses and even resorts locally. You can spend an evening at the spa or head back down to the beach and rent a canoe to explore the local wildlife and commune with nature. The Sandbanks have so much to offer and are so unique that you won't believe you're still in o­ntario!