Sleeping Giant Provinical Park

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is located in o­ntario, Canada. It’s called Sleeping Giant Provincial Park simply because the rock formation resembles a sleeping giant when viewed from the air. It’s possible to experience such a view via a hot air balloon or helicopter tour. For those who don’t like heights, experiencing Sleeping Giant by foot is still more than satisfactory.

There are many trails in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. A few of these trails will lead you to peaks that overlook Lake Superior. If you don’t plan o­n hiking uphill, you can still take advantage of the trails that go through the forests in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. o­n these trails, you might see deer, moose, red fox, white-tailed deer, lynx, or even a bear. Don’t worry, a bear will not attack a group of humans unless harassed. They are more non-confrontational than you might imagine. And if you plan o­n visiting Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in the winter, you will have an opportunity to cross-country ski o­n some of the most beautiful trails in existence.

Other activities in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park include boating, fishing, and swimming. There is a boat launch available in the park. As far as fishing goes, there are many great locations to choose from. And you will not have to worry about competing with other fisherman. There is an unwritten rule about personal space when it comes to fishing in this area.

If you’re a hardcore outdoorsman, consider backcountry camping in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. Just be sure to follow all of the safety rules of the park. Also keep in mind that this is o­ntario. If it’s not July, you can bet it’s going to get awfully frigid at night. Prepare accordingly.