1000 Islands

There are o­nly a few places in the world that mix cultures of two different countries while offering stunning beauty at the same time. o­ne of those places is the 1000 Islands. While the United States side has a lot to offer – especially great fishing, including professional tournaments – the Canadian side is recommended for anyone who appreciates natural beauty.

There are many things you will find around the 1000 Islands region of o­ntario. This includes waterfront villages and beautiful waterways. If you’re the adventurous type, be sure to take advantage of the excellent kayaking opportunities o­n the St. Lawrence River. This is such an ideal location for kayaking that many professional kayakers from around the world visit during the summer. Combine that with professional fisherman and you will find yourself among some of the most talented outdoorsman around. If you would like a kayaking tour, this is possible in Gananoque.

If you enjoy sightseeing, you will have an opportunity to see the 1000 Islands by foot, boat, or air. If you choose the latter option, you will be able to select from a helicopter, airplane, or hot air balloon. o­ne great place to consider flying with is the Kingston Flying Club. They offer half-hour tours in which you will be able to see castles, shipwrecks, and the winding and always active St. Lawrence River.

As far as accommodations go, there are hundreds of options to choose from. If you want to keep it cheap, consider camping. If you would like a nice bed to sleep in at night – and for an affordable price – consider a chain hotel. If you want more of a country atmosphere while still being able to sleep in your own bed, there are many Bed & Breakfast hotels to choose from.

The 1000 Islands region of o­ntario is o­ne of the most unique areas in the world. It should be o­n every traveler’s wish list.