Whale Watching in Tadousac

Tadousac, founded four hundred years ago, is the oldest village in Quebec. It is located approximately 130 miles from Quebec City; travel time is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

A whale watching jaunt will feature some of the most beautiful scenery in Quebec. The rugged and majestic Saguenay Fjord has joined the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Lawrence for four billion years and is the o­nly fjord in North America. Its incredibly deep waters attract all manner of sea life.

The fascinating cruises that hail from Tadousac will treat you to whale watching at its finest. Executive seating at the front of the ship will give you an unimpeded view while savouring your Captain's Cocktail. The Captain himself will visit. Naturalists, o­n board every cruise, will answer any and all questions about the whales you will see up close. You'll learn fascinating facts about the sea life and the St. Lawrence.

The whales you will encounter can be many and varied. The white Beluga whale congregate in pods up to twenty five in number. The Minke is sometimes confused with the blue whale, and is said to be named after the Norwegian captain that was o­ne of the first to do so.

The Humpback is a true aquatic acrobat and loves to splash and breach, or leap out of the water. You won't mind getting a little wet, will you? The Fin Whale can truly be called The Old Man of the Sea, as they can live to be ninety years old, and the Blue Whale is the largest creature that has ever roamed our earth.

This is not just a vacation destination; whale watching is a profound revelation about the mammalian family that we and the whales share. Isn't it time you visited this branch of the family? Visit Tadousac soon.