Wild Canada Preservation
Conservation Successes

Conservation Successes

Since its inception, Wild Canada Preservation has managed to rescue and conserve a variety of critically endangered species such as amphibians, birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles. Our best approaches and strategies for wildlife preservation mostly involve hands-on intervention, and we rely heavily upon the traditional way of conservation breeding and release for at-risk creatures in the country.

Before conservation breeding and release was hailed as the cornerstone of wildlife preservation, many experts claimed it to be such an unconventional and baseless method. However, after a select few organizations have managed to employ this procedure and documented successful results, some have followed suit.

One of our key accomplishments so far is the burrowing owl recovery efforts. After having discovered that these birds are now critically endangered, we also determined that there are only about a thousand of them remaining in the wild. Thus, we then implemented such action plans as conservation breeding, reestablishment or reintroduction, and translocation.

During the execution phase, we placed many pairs of young burrowing owls in a small breeding colony. We also provided them with supplemental food to extend their long-term survival. Once a pair of these birds have laid their first egg, we then reintroduced the birds into the wild.