Wild Canada Preservation
What We Do

What We Do

Wild Canada Preservation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental entity that aims to rescue as many critically endangered animal species as possible across the country. As part of our core mission, we do our best to save the steady decrease in numbers of near-extinct species by encouraging numerous causes, such as habitat protection and other recovery efforts.

Our organization is among the chief wildlife preservation initiatives throughout Canada. Offering emergent needs for numerous at-risk animals, our specialty consists of scientifically proven methods that involve preservation breeding and release as well as species reestablishment and translocation.

We always find multiple ways to expand our purpose. To achieve this, we collaborate with several licensed recovery groups and a few other institutions. Colleges, domestic grassroots volunteers, habitat-focused charities, land trusts, national parks, universities, and zoos are some of our regular partners.

In addition to collaboration, our organization is gradually building its reputation through the recruitment of aspiring potential scientists. This way, young prospects can take advantage of the opportunity to accumulate practical experience in taking care of species on the brink of extinction.

With help from our partner organizations and volunteers, we can gather high-grade field data to measure how their efforts will have an impact. Scientists initially formulate a few recovery strategies based on the collected data and then tweak and upgrade their tools to disseminate the results. Afterward, we assess whether a practical intervention will be needed to aid currently assisted species.

Whether it’s teaming up with many different associations or establishing our country’s conservation capacity, we will always stick to our primary motive: rescuing and conserving endangered species in need of immediate help.