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Mary Hartman


Burrowing Owl
A long-legged and short-tailed bird common in North America, the burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) is one of the tiniest owls of its kind. This creature achieved such a name from its nesting routine, which is mostly done in burrows that badgers and squirrels dug.
Recently, there are only lesser than 1,000 pairs of burrowing owls reported to exist in Canada, making them one of the most critically endangered creatures.
Piping Plover

Amphibians & Reptiles

Oregon Spotted Frog
Oregon spotted frog (scientifically named “Rana pretiosa”) is a medium-sized aquatic animal that rarely strays away from water. This amphibious creature is known for being a great swimmer, an attribute related to the cleverly designed webbing on its feet extending to the tip of its toes.
The term “Preciosa” as its scientific name implies means “precious.” With only a few of them remaining, Oregon spotted frogs are among the most endangered species in Canada….