Domestic Pollination Program
Domestic Pollination Program

Domestic Pollination Program

Our domestic pollination project focuses solely on the reproduction of flowering plants. Once the plants have propagated successfully, they, in turn, will be capable of supporting even thousands of additional species.

Roughly 90 percent of all flowers cannot reproduce unless such habitat is populated with domestic pollinators. These hardworking propagators are mainly comprised of various bees and butterflies.

In Canada alone, a lot of bee and butterfly species and a few flowers are currently at risk of extirpation, especially with the neverending modernization taking place in some wildlife areas.

This program is to ensure that bees, beetles, butterflies, and other pollinators thrive longer in their pristine locale. Furthermore, the unimpeded success of this program will enable insect pollinators to become the foundation of crop production and, most importantly, the natural ecosystem.

Since the management of insect conservation is still sort of unheard in the country, we will strive hard to kickstart multiple innovative approaches from the ground up. Such methods involve the administration of scientific research, development of colonies for insect breeding, constant restoration of their natural habitat, and conduction of training workshops.

The undisturbed co-existence of flowers and insects is a definitive example of flora and fauna working together in harmony. If you want to get involved in this recovery effort and work with us, visit our Contact page for more details.

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